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Emage Style Empowerment


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera kesayangan NA semua,

Allahumma Soibban Naffi’an. Ya Allah, jadikanlah hujan yang turun membasahai seluruh muka bumiMu ini dipenuhi dengan barakah dariMu dan selamatkanlah penduduk Islam di Syria dan seluruh pelusuk dunia juga. Amin, amin, amin ya robbal a’lamin…

Before that, sorry because writing in mix language, haha 😀 . Sometime, making ‘rojak’ for awhile. Sebab NA study flyer pun in English kan.


EMAGE EMPOWERMENT. Don’t confuse yet. Simply means but maybe the different word you can see right. Emage is show the word IMAGE. Plus, Empowerment is to give power or authority. The same meaning to show an authorize for instance by legal or official. So, combination both of word image empowerment is tell us how we can be good in way to empowering your image style as business people nowaday.

And this program will be guide us especially the business people, entrepreneur and the future entrepreneur outside to come and join this seminar. Two speaker whose very high influential person have invited to be with us together for sharing their talk on how to build (3E) concepts; Energize, Enhance and Empower you in Appearance, Behaviour also Communication. This program under HRDF (Human Resource Department Fund) which inspired by International Award Certified Image & Etiquette Consultant, Ms Evelyn Ch’ng and Celebrity Image Consultant, Ms Wawa Idris. Two name that we never denied because both of them are superb women. Ms Evelyn also member to AICI (Association Image Consultants International) and Ms Wawa is the founder of Imaan Suci Wipe, being familiar known in circle of blogger also public as easy makeup removal tissue.
From photo banner, you will be learn (6H); how to discover. how to identify, how to build, how to polish and how to master in your passion and values to selling product/services, your confident level, the way to create client relationship, your personality like manner or body language in business etiquette when meeting client. Although, you also learn how to be presentable and good looking in make up and hairstyling . Most importance, you will be know the ultimate to position yourself in package SUPERSTAR and thus the FREE dining dinner for you.






SPEAKER EMPOWERMENT. Speaker mean person who suitable to give talk to others. So, who person deserved to give talk? Of course we are who brave come in front. One more thing, the business person, the entrepreneur and the netpreneur are the suitable person to give talk. Because, these person are the knowledgable in many aspect. To be a business person, we must be enough knowledges thus be kind to another. To deal with client or any event management, the business people must be friendly, smile and act good manner.

Maybe, you are now as ordinary person and followers only. But, impossible one day you are the leader,who know? So, just be positive and think good. There had show three (3) days in banner which you can learn to be great speaker empowerment and closing skills with using (5P) to create a Million Dollar speaking system.



That’s all from NA. More about program, just calling 012 3927848 or 019 236 3907. Let’s be a STAR in your life now. Join us. Until we meet again in next entry. Wish me luck all 😉


NA ❤